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 Welcome to Timberfrog Woodworking - custom furniture by  designer and craftsman Daniel Skolnick of Rowley , Massachusetts .  Please browse the gallery here to see samples of my  furniture then contact me to discuss how I can help you acquire the one-of-a-kind furniture item you are dreaming of  

 I moved to Texas from Boston in 1994 and it didn't take me long to discover the Mesquite tree. Mesquite is a short scraggly tree with big thorns on its branches. The gnarled, twisted limbs of the Mesquite give each tree its own individual character.

     This character is as evident in wood on the inside. The grain is bold and exceptionally unpredictable, containing mineral streaks, mineral streaks, bark pockets, ingrown bark,and bug blemishes. Seen as defects in other types of wood, these qualities add to the character of the rustic furniture created from mesquite wood.

     Sometimes I inlay bits of turquoise, semiprecious stones in these "defects". Imagine a stone or shell that has special meaning to you, set into your own custom built piece of mesquite furniture!

     Mesquite has some other wonderful qualities too. Because of the way it responds to changes in humidity, it will not warp, twist or crack. Mesquite is two and a half time stronger than oak, it would take 2230 pounds of pressure per square inch to dent it. A 125-pound woman in a high heel shoe exerts 2000 psi every time she takes a step. Thus a Mesquite floor is not only exceptionally beautiful, it is practical too!

     Native Americans used mesquite in its entirety. Sewing needles were made from thorns. Inner bark was used to make baskets and fabric. Bean pods served as food and were used to make medicinal tea. Sap made black dye and sweet gum. The wood was used to make arrows and bows for hunting.

     That ole Mesquite tree is pretty hardy too; it can put roots down 100 feet through desert sand or rock to find water. Mesquite covers about 100 million acres in the southwestern United States and Mexico.

I returned to New England in 2002. and bought back with me a burning desire to share this wonderful wood and the furniture that I make from it. In addition, I work with domestic and exotic hardwoods.

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